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Seeking the Seer: On Online Brand Consulting

At times, building a brand in a prosperous Canadian city like Richmond in British Columbia can be difficult for budding businesses. Marketing trends and platforms have changed over the years as commerce can now be done and established online. Building an online brand requires as much, if not more, effort than the traditional methods of marketing. (more…)


Not-so-magical Moves in Online Branding

The internet is a vast place for everyone to explore. Its existence allows people to know what is happening in another part of the world one minute and to learn what their favorite athlete is doing the next. The internet is also a great source of information for every existing service on the face of the Earth, as long as it has a virtual profile for showcasing its products or services.

As much as businesses can take advantage of the internet’s reach, there are certain practices that may take the magic out of internet marketing and drive consumers away from a website. (more…)