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Seeking the Seer: On Online Brand Consulting

At times, building a brand in a prosperous Canadian city like Richmond in British Columbia can be difficult for budding businesses. Marketing trends and platforms have changed over the years as commerce can now be done and established online. Building an online brand requires as much, if not more, effort than the traditional methods of marketing. (more…)


Ways to Win the Hearts of Your Online Customers

As a marketer, you’re constantly finding new ways to reach out to your target market. Now that you’ve decided to concentrate some of your marketing efforts online, you feel the weight of the change in environment. Fear not, though, because there are a lot of things that you can do to gain people’s loyalty online. Read on to discover some valuable methods to capture your online audience:

Answer their questions.

No matter what your objective is, the goal is to always create high-quality content that answers what people are searching for. They come seeking for answers, and it’s your role to let them understand what they want to know. Interact with them to familiarize yourself with their preferences and experiences.

Share tips and advice.

As prevalent as it can be, social media is the king of content sharing. Embrace social media completely by enriching your audience with brand-relevant bits of information and materials that can benefit them in the long run. Creating top-quality content tailored to their needs shows that you care about them.

Engage them with questions.

Your community is watching your every move all the time. When you ask them, they will most likely respond, because they feel that you need them. Continue to make them feel how important they are to you, as they are vital for your brand to flourish. Constantly tell them how much you value what they have to say.