Seeking the Seer: On Online Brand Consulting

At times, building a brand in a prosperous Canadian city like Richmond in British Columbia can be difficult for budding businesses. Marketing trends and platforms have changed over the years as commerce can now be done and established online. Building an online brand requires as much, if not more, effort than the traditional methods of marketing.

Similar to myths of the Ancient Greek civilizations, seers or oracles were the people to see before one embarks on a journey or makes an important decision. Today, such seers are referred to as consultants whose experience, not foresight and advice, is sought after by companies embarking on an online marketing campaign.

Using Steveston as an example, how should one promote a local fishing business in a historic fishing village online? Is a role as a backdrop in a TV show enough for it to generate the same amount of online attention?

When in doubt, ask an online brand consultant. Online branding can be tricky, and sometimes its results may not be immediate. Building and making the brand work needs guidance from one familiar with online marketing and its trends. Unlike the mythical prowess of seers, these consultants cannot accurately predict whether a business will become hugely successful or not, but what they know makes for a worthy guide.


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