Keys to Managing your Online Brand

Making your mark online isn’t as easy as it might seem, especially when it comes to advertising through social media. Many businesses make inefficient or downright bad choices that cause their online brand marketing campaign to end up in the gutter. Here are a few tips you can try that should help you boost your brand’s visibility in the Internet.

Don’t just post, repost!

Don’t rely too much on content that you’ve created yourself. Instead, browse the web for thoughts and ideas that you could repost on your blog or your social media accounts (after giving the original author the appropriate credit, of course). This should make your business feel more connected to what’s actually happening in the world, and not just in your own marketing bubble.

Watch what your hands are typing.

It’s only normal for companies to have different people managing their social media accounts (if your business is good, you don’t have time to peruse your Facebook). However, you should make sure that whomever you entrust to represent your brand is responsible enough not to stain your company’s name with bad social interactions or egotistic posts.

Check your progress.

The best way to know how well or how bad you’re doing is to keep monitoring your online reputation, preferably by using efficient systems like Google Alerts. This way you’ll get a notification should someone write about your business in a blog, forum, social media post, or other online service.


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